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Best Cleaning Company in Farmington CT

At Peaceful Cleanings LLC, we are known for being the best cleaning company in Farmington CT. Our team of skilled professionals is deeply committed to fulfilling your unique cleaning requirements with precision and care. We utilize the most advanced cleaning techniques to guarantee your space is transformed into a spotless and rejuvenating place. Regarding post-construction cleaning, we excel at meticulously removing post-construction debris and dust, ensuring your newly completed project is clean and ready for occupancy. Our professional cleaning company  take cleaning to the next level, leaving no corner untouched and creating a perfect environment, revitalizing your space. We are thrilled to offer our exceptional move-in and move-out cleaning service, guaranteeing a seamless transition and leaving your space spotless for its next occupants. If you’re in the hospitality business, our Airbnb cleaning expertise guarantees that your accommodations consistently impress guests with their cleanliness and freshness. With our help, you can create a space that welcomes employees and visitors and fosters productivity and success.

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Select Your Cleaning Plan

From design to execution, we enhance your space's functionality at every step. Need a thorough, deep clean? It's your choice. Customize your plan to create a tailored cleaning experience. You're in control, ensuring your space gets the attention it deserves.

Convenient Scheduling

Achieve a balance between cleanliness and your lifestyle by setting a fitting cleaning schedule. Our flexible booking system allows you to set up recurring appointments for hassle-free cleaning on your terms. Want a one-time service? No problem. We understand your time is valuable, so we adapt to your timetable.

Relax While We Work

Leave the cleaning hassles to us and save your free time. We bring the experience, skills, and equipment to transform your space. Our meticulous cleaning ensures every nook and cranny is addressed, leaving no room for dirt or dust.

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Our remarkable perks include personalized cleaning plans tailored to your unique needs, flexible scheduling to accommodate your busy life, and a team of highly trained professionals who bring expertise and dedication to every cleaning project. To provide you and your loved ones a cleaner atmosphere, we go above and beyond in our dedication to environmentally conscious cleaning products and procedures.

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Remarkable Perks with Us
For many reasons, you should choose Maid’s Touch as a trusted partner for your house or office cleaning needs. Choose Maid’s Touch for unmatched attention to detail, environmentally responsible techniques, individualized service, reliability, women-owned excellence, and a superior customer experience.
Respect for Your Privacy

Our cleaning professionals undergo strict privacy training and adhere to a code of confidentiality. You may enjoy a spotless house or office with total confidence, knowing that our confidential and sensitive data is always secured.


We guarantee the most successful and cost-effective cleaning procedure possible with our state-of-the-art equipment and technologies. We're dedicated to delivering exceptional results, and our commitment to using the best equipment guarantees a spotless and revitalized environment every time.

Natural Products

Our commitment to sustainability means no harmful chemicals are ever used in our cleaning process. You can trust that your space will be spotless, safe, and free from toxic residues, promoting a healthier living or working environment.

Fast Service

We understand the urgency of your cleaning needs, and we're here to deliver swift and exceptional results. You set the schedule, and we deliver fast, reliable cleaning that fits seamlessly into your busy life.


Customer Reviews

I had a major renovation project completed at home, and I dreaded the cleanup afterward. But thanks to Peaceful Cleanings LLC, the post-construction cleaning was a breeze! I'm thrilled with how Peaceful Cleanings LLC transformed my home and workspace by removing dust and trash!

I was amazed by the deep cleaning service provided by Peaceful Cleanings LLC. They didn't just clean the surface; they tackled every corner and crevice, making my home feel brand new.

Peaceful Cleanings LLC has helped our office space seem nicer than it has in a long time. Their commercial cleaning team is efficient, reliable, and professional. They understand the unique needs of our business and always go above and beyond to ensure our workspace is clean and inviting.


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